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September 29, 2008



Another cinnamon for tuckus: Badonkadonk. As in, "Hey Mira! Shake your badonkadonk to this crazy Indian music!"
She'll love that one :-)


Hey! I was going to say "Shake your Bootie". How about "cheeks"? And "posterior". Don't get a colorectal nurse started on slang words for butt!! I can't teach my granddaughter these things until she's able to physically defend herself.
See you in a week, Mira!

Papa Foof

Halloween custume suggestions:

Michael- writer's block,stage fright, last call, ghost of a chance, fast food, hired hand, fairy shrimp, Yoko Ono, Al Davis.

Katie- Queen of the Sciences, LIBOR (the newest really scary thing), Miss Cleo, John Lennon, Hummer, spare change, disposable income

Miranda Hazel- the monkey at the zoo that throws food at the visiters, fire ant, Violette, ficus, Flutie's Flakes, airline food (the scariest thing I can think of), snail.


Wow, Miss Mira is so amazing, and she's absolutely right, I did say, "Get your tuckus out of my face," but I think it was only as an example of how to use tuckus in a sentence and not because of an actual tuckus in my actual face.

I keep thinking about all Mira's little comments and jokes about our grown up conversations: "You eat Roach Lamp?!" So awesome.

I think Mira might be a cinnamon for awesome. ;)

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